Introduction / Welcome

We welcome all people in Wisconsin to take this survey if you are trans/non-binary, if you are the loved one of someone who is trans/non-binary, if you are parenting a trans or gender-expansive child, if you care about trans issues, and/or if you are a service provider to trans/non-binary people and families.

This survey is being conducted by FORGE, a 25-year-old trans/non-binary anti-violence organization, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The intention of this survey is to assess the general needs of the trans+ community in Wisconsin, as well as to help shape FORGE programming. Results of this survey may also inform other organizations of where there are gaps in services or support for trans/non-binary individuals, families, and communities and provide an opening for any organization to help fill these needs. [We will share anonymized results of this survey publicly!]

Confidentiality: This is an anonymous survey, no personal identifying information will be collected. If a report or article is written about this study, the study results will be presented in a summarized manner so that you cannot be identified.

How long will this survey take? Your participation will last about 30 minutes. 

Who is funding this survey? This needs assessment survey is being funded under several grants, with the goal of better serving transgender and non-binary communities in Wisconsin.

We welcome your input and encourage you to share this survey with your friends and social networks.

We know your time and experiences are valuable. At the end of the survey, you will be redirected to a website (not linked to your survey results), where you can choose to be entered into a drawing. We will be randomly selecting respondents to receive gift cards, T-shirts, or other incentives.

Thank you for helping make Wisconsin a better place for trans/non-binary people and loved ones.

If you have questions about this survey or would like more information, please contact: michael munson, Loree Cook-Daniels, or Shelley Gregory at 414-559-2123.

A note about language: Throughout this survey we will use fluid language of “trans,” “transgender,” and “non-binary.” We honor and recognize the complexity and multiplicity of gender identities and expressions, as well as acknowledge the diverse language used within our community. We use these words in their broadest meanings, inclusive of those whose identities lie outside of these often-limiting terms.