#TransLove and Resistance Project

About the Project: 

Loving oneself and each other is already an act of resistance! We are crowdsourcing content for a short Trans Day of Visibility film. We are asking trans/GNC community members and allies to submit photos and short videos. The concept of the film is loving trans/GNC community as an act of resistance.

Please submit original photos and video. (mobile phone photos and video, etc is fine. Photos at least 300dpi is best.) Video will be shared at TDOV 2017 and across social media. All content needs to be PG rated. Learn more about the event and get your tickets here: http://tdov.org

A release is required for all content, please sign and date the release form. You can attach the form below. (Everyone in the film or photo must sign the release.)   

Submit the following moments of #TransLove and Celebrations:

Sharing love for your partner
Birthday celebrations
Families, parents, taking care of children, a new child
Work parties
Friend gatherings
Family/Friend dinners
Dance parties
Getting ready for a night out with friends
Holding hands
Honoring someone who passed away (holding a photo of someone who passed away, etc)
Someone with their pet

Additional images and video that can be used for B-roll. This could be any intimate moment or imagery that may or may not include people or their faces:

Hand holding (close up of just the hands)
Birthday cake with name on it
Flowers or gifts
Video of someone flipping through a photo album with images of friends and families
A love letter or love note
Extreme close up of someone smiling

Complete the form below and upload your photos or video. If you have multiple images or content please send additional content to info@tdov.org (Dropbox link preferred).

Thanks for supporting this project and we hope to see you on 3/31!

TDOV Planning Team

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Email 

* 4. Do you identify as part of the community or as a trans ally?

* 5. Tell us about the photo or video you are submitting. How is it celebrating #TransLove (example partnership, friendship, anniversary, parenting.)  

* 6. Upload Release Form

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* 7. Submit Photo and Videos

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