Please Note: If disciplinary actions have been taken on your Second Life account within the last year, you will not be eligible to participate in the Community Translation projects.

Please Note: You will need to log into pjira at least one time so the system recognizes your name when we give you access to the project. At the end of this sign up you will be automatically directed to that page so you can do that step.

* 1. Please enter your Second Life name to be given access to available translations

* 2. Please enter your contact email below. Suggestion: Use an email that is your avatar name or something else that is not related to your real life name.

* 3. Please mark your translation language. Please note: You can only sign up for one language at this time.

* 4. What country are you in?

* 5. Do you agree to have your name added after a translated KB article as a credit? (This is not required and may not happen in all cases. A no response will not prevent you from contributing)

* 6. By clicking "I Agree," you agree to the linked Terms and Conditions click to read and acknowledge that all translations you submit are voluntary and freely available for use and editing by all Second Life residents with access to the translations.