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Please can you help? Transition Network is upgrading its projects directory to make it easier and quicker to add projects and find projects; on the main website and across the web using the new 'Project Sharing Widget' which appears on Transition groups' own websites.

We are working on using a short list of relevant and useful terms about projects' goals for:
a. general users to search with
b. project 'adders' to identify their projects with

(Naturally we already have other categories like 'location', 'theme' (e.g. food, transport), 'date started' etc. You can read our wiki page about this

We do not want to sound too 'quango-y', too 'research-y' too 'Transition-y', or too dumbed down, so this is not an exact science and will not satisfy everyone. We are down to a short list made up of other research projects' analysis and our own observations. We want to boil it down to 6-8 max. is how you can help

Imagine you are a project person, wanting to raise your project's profile by adding it to our projects directory. On the form, after you've put in your location, project summary etc., there is a checkbox asking "What are the goals of your project? Please choose some of the options below"… and you see the options below.

Which ones are the most useful?

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* 1. Please add your details. We will not use your email for anything other than contacting you about this research.

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* 2. Do you want Ed to email you the results of this research project-ette in a few weeks?

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* 3. Please rate the following 'goals' in terms of how useful they are as terms when adding your project, or looking for projects:

  Not useful term Neutral Very useful term
Awareness raising/education
Behaviour change
Energy Efficiency
Increasing Community Resilience
Promoting Renewable Energy
Increased Equality
Impact policy
Carbon reduction
Local group support
Creating new enterprises
Community asset development

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* 4. Have we missed any that you think are vital? Please add missed ones here:

Thank you.

You're all a huge and continuous inspiration to us - thanks for doing the work that you do. I'll email you the results if you want in a few weeks...

- from Ed Mitchell, the transition technologists, Transition Network staff, and Elvis (Ed's cat).