Go Dance Instructor Training Class Application

Thanks for your interest in joining the dance instructor training class at Go Dance! The first step in the application process is this survey. Please answer all questions honestly and completely. Incomplete surveys will not be considered.

If you reach the thank-you page that means we have your information and will contact you. Thanks!

* 1. How do we reach you?

* 2. How did you hear about our training class? If from an individual please list their name.

* 3. What's your current work situation (i.e. - where do you currently work, type of work, hours of work, or not working)?

* 4. If you're currently working are you looking to replace that position or supplement it?

* 5. Do you have reliable transportation? Please explain.

* 6. Please tell us about any experience you have in partner or solo dance styles, professional or otherwise.

* 7. Please tell us about any experience you have in other movement disciplines (sports, marital arts etc) or music.

This initial training class is scheduled Saturdays 12p-3p starting March 2nd. Please list any classes you would be unable to attend through May 2013.

* 9. The time commitment for training during the first two months is approx 18 hours per week for training and practice. Does this time commitment work with your other commitments?

Go Dance is open seven days a week and instructors schedules typically include a variety of evening, weekend, and weekday shifts. Please list any scheduling restrictions you would have if you were to be hired upon completion of training. Please list any schedule restrictions you would have on an ongoing basis (due to another job, personal commitments etc)

* 11. If hired, how many hours are you interest in teaching per week?

* 12. Why are you interested in our dance instructor training class?

* 13. What things do you do well, at work? What tasks do you enjoy most?

* 14. What has been your favorite job/position so far in your career?

* 15. How does becoming a dance instructor fit into your career path? Do you have any goals or ambitions for the next few years?

* 16. Please insert your work history here. (A full resume is not necessary at this time).