1. Training events: report form


* What is your full name?

* What are the details of the training event you ran? (name of event, dates, location)

* How many people attended? (Please specify the audience: college students, NGO volunteers etc.)

* How many people will the training reach through its participants? (You should base your reply on the feedback you've received from participants. Please provide any relevant details.)

* Did any externals (e.g. speakers, representatives of other organisations) attend or contribute to the training event? (Please provide details.)

* Was the training event advertised or otherwise featured in the media? If so, where and when? (Please provide circulation numbers where available, e.g. for newspaper articles, radio or TV broadcasts.)

* Overall, how successful would you consider the training event?

* What worked best about the training event?

* What would you do differently for future trainings?

* General notes, comments, feedback