Welcome to our Performance Tire Survey!

Thank you for participating in our survey. Our goal is to learn more about how performance oriented street tires perform on the race track.  Specifically how do tires that our marketed as Max Performance, Extreme Performance, Street/Trackable, or R-Compound compare to one another with regards on-track performance and longevity.

Our goal is to use this information to build and publish a knowledge base website aimed at beginner, novice and intermediate track enthusiasts that will help them choose the right tires for their track day.  We want to answer the questions we hear most often:

1) Which tires are the most popular among track day enthusiasts?
2) Which tires perform the best on the track?
3) Can I still run these tires if it rains?
4) Where should I set my tire pressures?
5) What size tire should I buy?

Many of these answers are dependent on the car you drive, so we will also ask about that and cross reference the results to allow users to look up answers specific to their vehicle.

Once we receive 100 responses, a website will be created to publish the data so that drivers will be able to access the results, research the tires they are considering, and be armed with some initial set-up recommendations to help them dial in the correct tire pressure once they reach the track.

What makes this different from other tire reviews available on the internet?  We are only interested in tires that were designed to perform on the track and we are only interested in hearing about your experiences ON THE TRACK.  

This survey should only take 5-7 minutes to complete and there is a reward at the end for everyone that participates!