Work Order Satisfaction Survey

Please complete the following information for one specific Work Order.

* 2. When did you submit your Work Order request?

Select Date:

* 3. What method did you use to report your Work Order request?

* 4. Did you find our Work Order reporting system convenient to use?

* 5. Please tell us what repairs you requested:

* 6. How professional was our site office staff when they took your Work Order?

* 7. How quickly did our maintenance staff respond to your Work Order request?

* 8. Please indicate which of the statements are true about our maintenance technician's performance as it relates to this Work Order:

  Yes No N/A
Arrived on time if an appointment was scheduled
Was courteous and professional
Cleaned up the work area
Explained any delays in completing the work
Answered any questions you had related to the Work Order

* 9. What is the current status of your Work Order?

* 10. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Work Order process?