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We’re using Technical and Professional Communication (TPC) as an umbrella term to designate programs, faculty, and curricula that emphasize non-literary, workplace communications, and which are often called technical communication, business communication, professional communication, or some variation.

Many institutions offer degree programs, including certificates and minors and we seek to understand the working conditions of non-tenure track faculty in these programs.

We mean “contingent faculty” in the same way as the AAUP, meaning all faculty that are not tenured or tenure track. We are, however, excluding graduate teaching assistants.

“Full-time Non-Tenure Track” (FT-NTT) are faculty that are full-time, usually on a 1, 3, or 5-year contract that can be renewed.

“Part-time” faculty (ofter referred to as adjuncts) may or may not have contracts, usually work on a per-term or per-course basis, and are not considered full-time by the institution for whatever reason.