Town of Eaton Survey

The Town of Eaton is writing a new comprehensive plan, which is the guiding document for the Town's future growth and development.

The comprehensive plan is developed by evaluating the current trends, resources, and preferences of the community, which are then used to create a common vision for the future and to establish and prioritize goals to achieve that vision. Participating in this process is a unique opportunity because it is only done about once every ten years. This is your community, so your input is instrumental in understanding what type of place the Town of Eaton is now, and what it should be in the future. Please take the time to fill out this short survey.

The survey will be live until October 31 and at that time the Comprehensive Planning Committee will gather the information and be prepared to share it after the December holidays. After we condense the survey results, we may be putting out another short survey to help get more specific information from you. We hope to have the Plan completed by May of 2018 and presented to the Town Board in June. Thank you. Cliff Moses

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Which of the following best describes you? Select only one.

* 4. Which best describes where you live?

* 5. Why do you live in the Town of Eaton? Choose up to 3.

* 6. Where do you work?

* 7. How satisfied are you with the employment opportunities that you have access to in the Town of Eaton or nearby?

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied or unsatisfied Somewhat unsatisfied Very unsatisfied
Availability of work
Length of commute
Pay or wage levels
Potential for starting a business
Training opportunities

* 8. What changes could be made to improve employment opportunities in the Town of Eaton?

* 9. What type of businesses should Eaton be encouraging?

  Encourage Neither encourage or discourage Discourage
Small, locally owned businesses
Light manufacturing
Professional services (banking, health care, etc)
Agricultural businesses (farms, food processing, etc)
Industrial or extraction industries (heavy manufacturing, oil & gas, etc)
Renewable energy (solar or wind farms, installers, etc)
Academic (education, research)
Other (specify below)

* 10. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?

* 11. Where do you do most of your non-grocery shopping? (gifts, home goods, etc)

* 12. What recreational activities do you enjoy most? Choose up to 3.

* 13. Indicate your level of agreement with the following statement: there are enough recreational opportunities to meet my needs.

* 14. Where do you go for recreational activities? Choose up to 3.

* 15. In terms of housing, does Eaton have a problem with any of the following (please choose up to 3):

  Significant problem Problem No problem Don't know
Vacant properties
Availability of housing for senior citizens
Affordability of housing
Housing in disrepair or poor condition
Lack of housing variety or choice
Absentee landlords
Enforced regulations and code

* 16. How satisfied are you with the following regarding the Town government?

  Satisfied Neither Satisfied or Unsatisfied Unsatisfied
Town website
Ease of access to Town officials/employees
Collaboration between Town and neighboring municipalities
Collaboration between Town and Madison County
Collaboration between Town and Morrisville State College
Building and code enforcement process
Maintenance of public infrastructure
Law enforcement
Land use restrictions
Communication of changes or events

* 17. Indicate level of need of the following:

  High need Moderate need Low need No need
More housing
Access to high speed internet
Public access for fishing
Public access for swimming
Environmental protection (renewable energy)
Lake and stream water quality protection
Improved downtown Morrisville and hamlets
Access to local food (farmers market)
Preserving farmland for agricultural uses
Climate change planning (flood mitigation, electric vehicle infrastructure, etc)

* 18. Indicate your level of support for the Town of Eaton merging with the Village of Morrisville if such a merging would save money and increase efficiency?

* 19. If you are a farmer or large acreage holder (over 5 acres), what do you plan to do with your land upon retirement?

* 20. Do you own lake shore property in the Town of Eaton?

* 21. What are your biggest concerns about lakes in Eaton? Choose up to 3.

* 22. Would you support any of the following in order to address lake and watershed issues:

  Yes Maybe No
Mandatory septic inspections and pumpouts on periodic basis
Mandatory septic inspection at time of property ownership change
Best practice enforcement on construction sites in order to prevent run off
Town effort in reducing runoff issues from areas such as residential lawns, agriculture, construction sites
County Weed Harvester program
Watershed improvement tax
Watershed Management Plan

* 23. If you anticipate leaving Town of Eaton in the future, why are you considering a move?

* 24. Within the past year, how often have you:

  More than ten times Between five and ten times Less than five times Not at all
Had trouble getting somewhere because you couldn't drive?
Had to rely on someone else for transportation?
Used Madison Transit/Birnie Bus
Used a bicycle or walked for transportation (not for exercise) out of need
Used a bicycle or walked for transportation (not for exercise) by choice

* 25. Rank the need for the Town to increase the following land uses, from no need to increase to high need.

  No need Low need Moderate need High need
Village-style residential and commercial use in and near existing hamlets
Residential spread throughout the rural landscape
Non-agricultural open space, such as meadows and forests
Commercial uses spread throughout the Town of Eaton
Large scale solar power
Large scale wind power
Home businesseses

* 26. What public events would you most like to see in Town of Eaton?

* 27. What volunteer opportunities would interest you?

* 28. Considering the topics this survey has addressed, what is one thing you would change to improve the Town of Eaton?

* 29. Over the past ten years, has your opinion of Town of Eaton