Welcome to the Housing Needs Assessment

Dear Occupier,                                                         

This survey is part of the Neighbourhood Planning process in Totnes, an initiative led by the community to help decide the future of where you live and work. This survey is to establish local housing needs.
Initial consultation indicates that people in Totnes want to see development on brown-field and infill sites, and community-led development. This and other research has also suggested we need more truly affordable housing developed in town for local people.

Neighbourhood planning provides a powerful set of tools for local people to ensure that they get the right types of development for their community. By completing this survey you will be helping to further direct, shape and inform development, allowing you a say in what our town needs.

This survey is for local people who currently live in Totnes, or who can show that they have family there.  All households will receive this questionnaire by post.

The surveys will help to ascertain what kind of affordable housing local people need.

Some of the questions refer to affordability. This is because we need to know how much affordable housing should be provided for affordable rent and how much could be sold to local people at less than market value.  Some open market housing might be allowed in order to help the financial viability of any affordable housing scheme.

This is an opportunity for you to have your say, and we need to collect the relevant facts. However, we’ve tried to keep the questionnaire as short as possible.  We’re asking you to please put a tick ü in each box that matches your requirements.
The closing date for the return of questionnaires is Sunday July 27th 2015. 

Your personal details will not be discussed or shared with anyone else.

Yours sincerely

Chair, Totnes Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group