We are sending this brief needs assessment survey to ensure that we are being responsive to member interests in designing workshops and meetings. Please respond regarding the topics and issues in arts and humanities education that you would like to see addressed at DC Collaborative convenings.

Thank you for your response and assistance in this important work for the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative. Please Note: The contact information portion at the end of this survey is optional.

Please contact us at (202)879.9327 or info@dccollaborative.org if you have any questions or would like to take this survey via phone.

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* 1. Please rank areas you find most pressing below (1= most pressing, 5= least pressing).

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* 2. Other topics you would like an opportunity to explore with fellow members:

The above bullets are not exhaustive but include examples only. Please add new categories and topics that you would like to see explored in the write-in box: