The Town of Port Hedland would like to obtain your views on community safety issues in your  area. By completing this survey you will be providing us with valuable information to assist in the review of our Hedland Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan. For further information, please contact the Town of Port Hedland, Community Safety Advisor on 91589306.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age group?

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. How long have you lived in the Town of Port Hedland?

* 5. What is your response to the following statement: "I feel safe living in Hedland"

* 6. How safe do you feel at the following places and specified times?

  Very Unsafe Unsafe Unsure Safe Very Safe
At home during the day
At home during the night
Local area during the day
Local area at night

* 7. Are there any particular areas in Hedland where you feel unsafe?

* 8. I believe the level of crime in the Town of Port Hedland is...

* 9. In your opinion, how often does the following occur in your local area?

  Never Not Often Moderately Often Frequently Very Frequently
Graffiti/ Vandalism
Motor Vehicle Theft
Violence/ Family Violence
Anti-Social Behaviour

* 10. In the last 12 months, did any of the following happen to you?

  Yes, and I reported it to the Police Yes, and I did not report it to the Police No
Break in/ Burglary
Stolen/ Damaged Vehicle
Property Damage/ Graffiti
Violence against you

* 11. If you did not report these offences to the Police, what was the reason/s?

* 12. In which area do you believe the highest amount of crime occurs?

* 13. What are the three most important things the Town of Port Hedland can do to improve residents feeling of safety and security?

* 14. Do you use local parks, reserves or open spaces within the Town of Port Hedland?

* 15. If not, why?

* 16. Are you aware of the following Town of Port Hedland community safety initiatives? 

  Yes, and I participate in this program/service Yes, and I do not participate in this program/service No
Neighbourhood Watch
Eyes on the Street
Public CCTV network
Home/Personal Security Advisory

* 17. Do you have any specific safety concerns about your area? 

* 18. Do you have any suggestions for improving safety in our town?