We want to discuss racial inequality in our workplace.

It is our goal to provide a work environment that is free of discrimination & harassment, where every employee is treated with kindness & respect and afforded equal opportunity.  It's easy to say that this is who we are and what we stand for, but providing equality for all employees and addressing systemic racism is more than just the words we say--its about the action we take.  We are looking closely at how we can improve the lives of our employees and provide a workplace of inclusion and equal treatment.  

Our first action item is listening, learning, and understanding.  Thank you for using your voice to help us do better and be better. 

Your feedback will be shared directly with the owners, GM and Human Resources.  This feedback is anonymous and IP addresses are not stored.

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* 1. How inclusive do you feel your current work environment is?

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* 2. Where do you work?

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* 3. Have you ever experienced racism or other form of prejudice in the workplace at the Bear/Moose/Broken Tooth?  If yes, please share your experience:

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* 4. Please share your experiences, observations, thoughts, or ideas that will help improve our workplace and the lives of our employees, particularly with respect to diversity, inclusion, and racial inequality:

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* 5. Do you have any other feedback to share with our company team? (optional)

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* 6. Would you like to be contacted and/or meet with an owner/manager?  If yes, please share your name and how you prefer to be contacted (text, phone, email, in-person).
If you would like to submit your feedback anonymously, just leave this question blank.  IP addresses are not stored and we will have no way of contacting you.

Thank you for being courageous and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.  We appreciate all you do. 

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