This is a brief survey designed to assess your perception of the risks associated with tobacco use, assess the percentage of SFU students and employees who are current tobacco users, and assess the commitment to establishing Saint Francis University as a tobacco free campus.  Your answers are completely confidential.  There is no risk of your answers being tied to your identity, nor is there any risk to you completing the survey.  Your participation is completely voluntary.

* 1. Are you male or female?

* 2. What is your affiliation to SFU?

* 3. Have you ever been exposed to second hand smoke on campus?

* 4. Do you believe you are at risk for cancer if you are exposed to second hand smoke?

* 5. Do you believe that tobacco use can cause cancer, heart disease, breathing problems, high blood pressure or stroke?

* 6. Do you think that SFU should become a smoke-free campus?

* 7. Do you think that SFU should become a tobacco-free campus?

* 8. Would you support SFU becoming a tobacco-free campus?

* 9. If SFU is not a tobacco free campus, should SFU have designated smoking areas on campus?

* 10. If SFU has designated smoking areas, where do you think they should be?

* 11. If SFU becomes a tobacco-free campus, do you think there should there be a fine for individuals violating minimum distance policies?

* 12. What should the fine be for violating smoking policies?

* 13. Do you believe smokeless tobacco (chew/snuff/e-cigarette) is a safer alternative than smoking?

* 14. Are you a current tobacco user?