Purpose: The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD), together with TANEx Engineering Corporation (www.tanexengineering.com), is conducting surveys of rural residents, businesses, organizations and institutions to obtain information and feedback about existing internet and cellular services in the TNRD to assist with future planning and strategy development intended to improve high speed internet service in rural areas. 

Please complete this survey only if you are a RESIDENT of the TNRD.

This survey is highly valuable and will be used to document the existing state of internet service within the TNRD, and to identify gaps between existing services and where services are needed.

Wide participation in this survey is a critical piece to improving the state of connectivity in the TNRD.

Please answer as many questions as you can.  The entire survey should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes to complete.  To make it easier, we recommend that if you have internet service, you have your internet service bill in front of you before you begin.

We greatly appreciate your time and input.  

All information collected is kept confidential.

The TNRD will not collect, use, or disclose personal information using Survey Monkey. Please be aware however that IP addresses are collected by Survey Monkey itself, and these IP addresses and other information collected will be stored on Survey Monkey’s servers located outside of Canada.

Thank you for your time and service to TNRD.
2% of survey complete.