Instruction Session Assessment

Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences values your feedback. Please answer the following question regarding your recent instruction session. Your responses will assist us in evaluating and improving our instruction program. This survey takes about 2 minutes to complete.

* 1. Course or Session Name

* 2. Session Date

* 3. This session was relevant to my needs.

* 4. List up to three things you learned in this session that you did not know before.

* 5. List any topics covered in the session that you still have questions about.

* 6. What aspects of the session helped you the most?

* 7. I would recommend this class to my classmates or colleagues.

* 8. It would be useful if this class were offered online.

* 9. What would have improved this session?

* 10. Please select your Library Instructor(s):

* 11. Instructor(s) were well prepared/organized.

* 12. Instructor(s) were effective facilitators/teachers.

* 13. Instructor(s) were responsive to questions.

* 14. Instructor(s) encouraged the class to participate.

* 15. Comments or suggestions?
Please include your email address if you would like a response.