Please complete our survey by February 1, 2018

The Three Lakes Association is seeking to learn whether or not there is a sufficient problem with Swimmer’s Itch in our lakes to warrant spending money and volunteer time to study and attempt to remedy the problem. It will help us immensely in determining how much effort we should devote to Swimmer’s Itch to hear from our membership about your experience with swimmer’s itch – where, when, how serious – as well as if this has not been a problem where you live. Please take a few minutes to let us know your experience. Thank you.

* 1. To the best of your knowledge, in the past few years have any members of your family, your guests, or neighbors developed itchy skin rashes (Swimmer's Itch) from contact with water in Torch Lake, Clam Lake, or Lake Bellaire?

* 2. If yes, in which lakes have you experienced swimmer's itch? – mark all that apply

* 3. If yes, where on the lake? – mark all that apply

* 4. If yes, how severe was the Swimmer's Itch?

* 5. We feel the Swimmer's Itch in our area:

* 6. We feel the Three Lakes Association: