* 1. Your name (and organization, if applicable)

* 2. What topics would you want to be sure were covered in an online tiny house summit?

* 3. Who are important contributors to the movement you'd want to make sure we didn't miss connecting with or asking to speak?

* 4. Would you be open to, or interested in, presenting? What topic(s) would you want to talk about?

* 5. Would you be interested in the affiliate marketing program (that is, getting a marketing code and sharing in the revenue from the packaged program sales)?

* 6. Have you got any material (an ebook, a recorded interview, or something else) that you’d consider working with us to include in the packaged program or as a signup give-away?

* 7. Do you know any organizations that might be interested in sponsoring the conference?

* 8. Your email address: