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Goal: To better understand the physical aspects of tinnitus, including the influence of neck and jaw movements, pain and other health conditions.
Benefits for tinnitus research: Your unique tinnitus profile and experiences may reveal clues about the processes involved in tinnitus, and shape future research on the road to a cure.
Completion time: 7 minutes.
Organizer: Tinnitus Hub, a UK-based non-profit managed by volunteers who all have tinnitus. We run the Tinnitus Talk Support Forum.
Eligibility criteria:
You must be 18 years or older, experience tinnitus, and have a reasonable command of English.

Privacy: We value your privacy. Your responses will not be matched to you. Your anonymity will be protected.

Use of your data: Your answers may be used for research, teaching, (academic) publications, and discussed online or at conferences.

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