Let's see if Tinket is ready for you today.

Name (first and last)

* Email address

* How many meetings per week do you schedule with people outside of your company (vs coworkers)?

* How often do you initiate these meetings (vs receive from others)?

* Do you have an assistant that helps you with your scheduling?

* Do you often schedule with people who have assistants and work with the assistants to confirm plans?

* When proposing meetings, do you often suggest multiple locations depending on the meeting time? For example, 'I can either meet in Minneapolis on Tuesday morning or in St Paul anytime on Friday.'

* Do you often schedule conference calls and need to dial in numbers and access codes?

* Do you often schedule virtual meetings (using Skype, GoToMeeting, Join.me, etc.)?

* Do you use an iPhone? Initially, Tinket will be available for iPhone users.

* If you have an iPhone, do you use the default Apple Calendar app?

* What do you use for your primary work email?

* Does your company use data security software (e.g. Mobile Iron, Blackberry/Good)?

* Do you use a CRM (e.g. Salesforce, Highrise, Bullhorn)?