WARNING- THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE FUN AND MIGHT TAKE YOU ONLY MINUTES TO FILL OUT. The purpose of this form is to give us an idea of who you are, where you come from, and what kind of performance you envision for The News.

Your performance idea can be vague or specific. You may choose to include formal bios and proposals, or casually state your background and ideas. Most frequently asked questions are addressed here.

We use this as a means to make the monthly programs diverse, to select performances that are in-keeping with our mission and to ensure that you can successfully execute your vision at The News. It’s that easy.

Thanks for filling out this form. We like you a lot.

- Kolmel WithLove, Curator & Host of The News

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* 6. What is the art form you will be performing at The News? Please choose only one or two disciplines from the list above. (We ask this question to assist in the creation of a diverse monthly program. Your answer here does not restrict your actual performance.)

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I have previously submitted an artist form for The News

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