* 1. I wonder about God

* 2. I have questions about God

* 3. I have felt close to God... (You may select all that speak to you.)

* 4. I have felt distant from God... (You may select all that speak to you.)

* 5. God can be understood in many ways by different people. Even the same person may have differing beliefs about God. Here is an opportunity to identify some of your beliefs.

  Agree Disagree I'm not sure
God is the creator of the universe.
God rewards good people and punishes bad people.
The universe reveals evidence that God exists.
Science can explain everything. God is an unnecessary hypothesis.
Auschwitz tells us that God's power is severely limited.
God could have prevented Auschwitz.
Sometimes innocent people suffer without any reason.
God would like to prevent some of the suffering, but can't.
We would understand why some people suffer if we could see the complete story. Evil exists for a purpose, even if we don't grasp it.
Evil is a human responsibility, not God's.

* 6. Here are some more ways in which God might be understood.

  Agree Disagree I'm not sure
God is my conscience.
God works through my conscience.
God comforts.
God is omnipotent.
God is limited.
There is purpose and design in the world.
It is impossible to understand God.
We are partners with God in the ongoing process of creation.
There is one God.
God is the power behind the laws of nature.
God is the order behind the laws of nature.
God is a force working for good in the universe.
God is a presence in the universe supporting us to do our best.
God is hope.
God is love.
There is no God.

* 7. Here are some further descriptions of what God does.

  Agree Disagree I'm not sure
God is merciful.
God is just.
God feeds the hungry.
God heals the sick.
Mercy is Godly.
Justice is Godly.
Feeding the hungry is Godly.
Healing the sick is Godly.

* 8. If God was accepting questions, I would want to ask God the following question(s).

* 9. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

* 10. Please tell us your age...

* 11. Please tell us the name of your congregation and its city and state.

* 12. How would you describe your religious identity?

Adapted from a survey created by Rabbi Mark Shapiro of Sinai Temple, Springfield, MA.