* 1. Tell us about yourself.

* 2. What device are you using to view the site?

* 3. How likely will you be to visit the site on a mobile device?

* 4. Which of the following strikes you most about the new site? (Check all that Apply)

* 5. How did you find the signup process?

* 6. Did you register using one of your social accounts?

* 7. If you answered yes to #6, which account?

* 8. If you answered yes to #6, how was your experience?

* 9. What was the load time for pages in general:

* 10. If you found any pages particularly sluggish or unresponsive, please list the pages (with a URL if possible).

* 11. How interested are you in receiving updates from THE DOORS?

* 12. Which ways do you follow THE DOORS? (Check all that Apply)

* 13. How likely would you be to purchase new Doors audio projects? (i.e Remixed, Unreleased, Live Shows)

* 14. Where would you purchase new Doors projects? (Check all that Apply)

* 15. How likely would you be to share content you find engaging (articles, photos, video, audio, etc.) on social sites?

* 16. Where would you share? (Check all that Apply)

* 17. What is you favorite thing about the new Official Site for The Doors?

* 18. What website feature would encourage you to return to our website regularly?

* 19. Please let us know anything else that you think would be beneficial.

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