Top-Performing Teams™

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Thank you for taking this questionnaire about top-performing teams in today's world. To participate, you will need to have had experience working on teams that were together long enough for people to get to know each other and to have tasks that required cooperation.

In return for participating, you will receive:

- A summary of the findings: what's behind top-performing teams
- A free, comprehensive report comparing your team to the norm and to top-performing teams
- Entry into a drawing for a $500 Visa gift card
- An opportunity to purchase a book at cost that will discuss the findings in detail

This questionnaire contains 120 questions and will take about 30 minutes to complete. At the top of each screen is a progress bar.

If you would like to take a break, you may exit then return via the same link on the same computer—doing so should enable you to pick up after the last full page that you completed. However, that means that only one person can take the questionnaire per computer.

While you may opt out at any time, you will need to complete the questionnaire and enter your contact information at the end if you wish to receive a summary of the findings, get a personal report, and be entered into the drawing for the Visa gift card.

We ask that you complete the questionnaire no later than July 31. If you encounter any problems, please contact us at

Thanks so much. Let's begin!

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