1. Introduction & Directions

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in participating in THE BIG PITCH 2017 Presented By PNC and hosted by REV Birmingham. This year, finalists will have a shot at winning a share of $40,000 in prize money and professional services. This competition is intended to provide aspiring and new business owners with the mentoring, technical skills, connections, and startup capital needed to go to the next level.

Come prepared! Don't skip these opportunities to refine and strengthen your business concept before the live competition: BIZ 1.0 / CO.STARTERS

What are we looking for? Creative and lifestyle businesses that:
  • Intended to open, expand, or relocate in the City of Birmingham
  • Promote vibrancy, foot traffic, or neighborhood revitalization
Use this survey to tell your story. Your responses will be saved after each page is completed, but try complete all questions before exiting. Remember, applications close September 28, 2017.
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