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The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation aims to be a diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and anti-racism leader in the preservation field. We acknowledge the power and responsibility we hold over significant resources such as funding, relationships, public attention, policy, and more.

This survey is a chance to gather ideas and feedback from our community, which will be used to create a holistic DEI strategy for our organization. Thank you for taking the time and energy to participate. It will take about 4-8 minutes to complete

Confidentiality is our top priority. Experienced external DEI consultants are conducting the survey, and the analysis will be done in a way to protect personal identifiable information. Please feel free to share comments, stories, and feedback candidly. 

First, some vocabulary to clarify our approach to DEI:
Diversity means a presence of difference, such as a variety of demographic backgrounds.
Inclusion means feeling welcomed, safe, valued, heard, and able to fully participate.
Equity is an ongoing process to create fairness, which often requires addressing historical and current unfairness.

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* 1. Which best describes your relationship with the Washington Trust? Check all that apply

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* 2. Think back to when you first got involved with the Washington Trust. How did you first hear about us?

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* 3. How much do you agree with the following?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree N/A
I feel part of the community at the Washington Trust
The Washington Trust feels approachable, like it would be easy to get in touch with them
I'm happy with the stories, topics, and language I've seen in the Washington Trust's communication