Share your initial feedback as we begin the conversation to shape the future Upper Lock. Your goals, values and ideas will frame upcoming community conversations and inform multiple design and programming alternatives for the site.

Our Shared Vision
Friends of The Falls, along with the City of Minneapolis, the Native American Community Development Institute, and a broad coalition of stakeholders, envisions a future site that reflects the truthful story of the Central Riverfront as Dakota land, while recognizing the national significance of the St. Anthony Falls Historic District and the Mississippi River.

Design and programming will shine a light on Native American history and experience, and a resilient Native culture that has produced important contemporary voices in the arts, literature, business, planning, and government.

The Falls will serve as a recreational and cultural hub that at last makes our river the center of the community rather than its edge. It will contribute to civic and state identity and lead to a more connected and inclusive riverfront.

Though we have generous riverfront parkland, there are still very few moments where the river and the city come together in a way that achieves an authentic sense of connectivity. The Falls will be one of those moments. The Falls can deliver new access to the Mississippi for fishing, hiking and boating, as well as outdoor learning, events and celebrations, and peaceful enjoyment of the river.