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TGEU is collecting the stories of trans people's experiences of pathologisation. Pathologisation can be described as "viewing or characterising behaviour as medically or psychologically abnormal". Many trans people experience pathologisation at the hands of healthcare professionals, statutory bodies (such as education authorities, government) and from their friends and/or family.

Below you will find some quotes from stories that we have collected already from around Europe: these are just some examples of the pathologisation of trans people.

"I went to a psychotherapist who refused her service to me because I'm trans. She told me that I was wrong, that I'm probably not trans, that I should not be seeking lower surgery and that I should try living as a boy again. This is despite the fact that I have been living happily as female for the past two years!"
- Non-binary trans woman, 31, NORTHERN IRELAND

"The diagnosis took away five years of my life. It was all darkness around me, but I didn’t dare to speak to anyone. Not my parents, friends or partner. I was so ashamed. I was so ashamed that they would know that I am mentally ill."
- Trans man, 36, GERMANY

"I have experience of communicating with transphobic psychologists who think that my gender identity is the result of some kind of trauma and is nearly an illness. I do not think that it is an illness. I like my identity; I simply do not like society’s reaction to it.”
- Queer person, 40, LATVIA

"More than half a century ago, I was 7, [...] My father told a child psychiatrist [...] "our son is like a big sister to his brother." The psychiatrist responded that "it can be taken care of at the children psychiatric hospital". [... They] put me on one of the first and strongest anti-psychotic drugs which had many side effects [...] It was very dangerous. My father worked with another doctor [... and] when he heard about it he said 'Stop this nonsense this instance, you might kill your son.'"
- Trans woman, 70, SWEDEN
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