1. 2015 2016 Textbook Manager  Verification Survey Due June 15, 2016

This survey is to be completed after you finish taking a physical inventory of your textbooks and entering the data into the Destiny program .

This is your annual Textbook Inventory form for 2015-2016. Please complete the survey on line, print it out before clicking the "Done" tab at the end, if you don't see "Thank you", please scroll up and make necessary corrections. Your inventory will not be considered complete until the online survey has been sent as well as sending in to Library Media Services a hard copy signed by yourself and your principal. Send them in the courier to Library Media Services Route E Jim Miles Building. Your survey is due by June 15, 2016.

* 1. Please enter the following information:

* 2. Inventory Status (percent complete on or before June 15, 2016) Round up or down and do not use a percentage sign.

* 3. Number of accounted for textbooks. This must be a whole number such as 1099.

* 4. Number of unaccounted for textbooks before you Finalize the inventory in Destiny ( This will show what was missing this year).This must be a whole number such as 12.

* 5. Number of textbooks that were lost and paid for. This must be a whole number such as 5.

* 6. Select the Circulation tab and click the Textbook Information tab on the left, once the Textbook Snapshot is displayed print this report and send a copy of the printed report with the signed copy of this survey. Fill in the questions below based on this Snapshot.

* 7. You have completed the survey. Please print before clicking on Done so the document can be signed and sent into Library Media Services along with the other required documents. Make a copy to keep at your school. If the survey does not vanish and you don't see the Thank you statement, please scroll back up and make needed corrections. Your inventory will not be considered complete until it has been received on line and the printed documents received by Library Media Services. You must now answer this last question that verifies you have completed all required steps.

A physical inventory of textbooks using Destiny Textbook Manager has been completed at


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