Participant Information Statement

Please read the following information before beginning the survey. Your consent to take part in the research is implied if you complete it.

Participant Information Statement
Project Title: Investigations into the uses and gratifications of fan tennis blogs

About the study: Fan tennis blogs are online platforms created by tennis fans who write their own reportage of tennis news and performance. Following up on previous research examining the motivations and gratifications for these bloggers, this new research now seeks to understand the particular uses and gratifications for readers of these online platforms. It seeks information about the diversity and frequency of blog consumption, and how readers view and appraise the fan blog as a form of sports journalism in comparison to traditional media outlets. It also investigates how readers engage with the content, and how this consumption might complement, augment or replace their consumption of tennis news provided by traditional media outlets.

Research procedure: Participants are asked to fill out the following survey, which contains a series of open and closed questions. The estimated time it should take to fill out is no more than fifteen minutes.  You will be asked about your use of, and opinions about both traditional tennis media and fan tennis blogs. No personal information will be sought.

Participant Consent: This survey is anonymous and your consent to participate is implied by the completion of the survey. Closing the browser allows you to opt out of the survey at any time until completion.

Risk assessment: There are no risks associated with participating in this research.

Use and storage of data: The data derived from this research will be anonymous, and stored in a password-protected survey site. The results will be stored as electronic data, and be used for reporting and academic publications. Participants will be unable to request a copy of the data collected from their surveys as their contributions are anonymous and cannot be identified.

The data may be used in follow-up research comparing the results to data collected about other sports fandoms, or discussions of sports blogging. The data will continue to be stored as password-protected electronic data for these purposes for up to five years.

Benefits of study: This research seeks to demonstrate how alternate fan media might augment or supplement a perceived lack in tennis coverage by traditional outlets, and provide information on an as-yet unexplored area of media consumption. It will provide insight into the uses and pleasure of fan media for other sports fans. It can also provide traditional media outlets with a greater understanding of the quality and types of coverage fans prefer to consume.

Withdrawing from the research: Closing the browser now or while completing the survey allows participants to opt out of participation. Once the surveys are completed, participants are unable to withdraw from the research. This is due to the survey being anonymous. It is therefore impossible withdraw an individual’s data from completed surveys, as it cannot be identified.