1. Introduction

This survey is being conducted by Temp Worker Justice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting workers’ rights. The purpose is to:

1) Understand your work experience so that we may be able to provide you with information to address any issues you have encountered, and

2) Identify workplace issues so that we can make recommendations for new policies

This survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

*CONFIDENTIAL - Your name and identifying information will NOT be shared without your permission.

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* Is it OK if an attorney reviews your answers to this survey to help you identify potential issues?

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By taking this survey you are representing that you understand that Temp Worker Justice (TWJ) is a not-for-profit worker advocacy organization and is not a legal service organization and, therefore, cannot give legal advice. However, you understand that TWJ can recommend employment lawyers who practice in this area and are willing to provide you with a free consultation. However, you further understand that TWJ is making no promise as to the quality of representation of any attorney that provides you with a consultation and you are solely responsible for making a final determination on whether to contract with the attorney for his or her services. TWJ is also not making any promise that you will be contacted, or that any further action will be taken.