Telling your story

You are being asked to fill out this questionnaire so that we can gather as much information about you on our database. We are gathering medical information on your prostate cancer journey, treatment and side effects as well as other specific information that may be useful from a media or campaigns perspective.

We appreciate that many of you may have filled out previous applications that contain much of this information but we would ask that you complete this to ensure that our records are up to date. This exercise will allow the Volunteer Management Team to streamline the selection process when asked for a volunteer with experience of ‘a’ and ‘b’ and will ensure a suitable volunteer is selected without putting out emails to all volunteers when there are tight deadlines.

Please be assured that we will only approach you about media and campaigning opportunities that have been thoroughly vetted and represent the best interests of volunteers and Prostate Cancer UK. Once a volunteer has been identified we will work closely with them to ensure they are content with the opportunity before proceeding.

Please fill out the questionnaire as fully as possible. If there are specific questions you would not like to as be asked by our media or campaigns teams please leave these blank.

* 1. Name:

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* 4. Ticking the boxes will give us consent to;