Techie Youth

YO! Disabled and Proud is partnering with Google to demonstrate how youth use everyday technology (smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.) to support their daily needs as individuals with disabilities. If you are a youth with a disability between the ages of 16 - 25 and use a gadget or gismo take this short survey to share with us how it assists you in your life.

* 1. Are you a youth with disability?

* 2. What city will you be living in during September and October 2015?

* 3. What technology do you use most days?

* 4. Briefly describe how the technology you use assists or supports you as a person with a disability? (For example, I have a learning disability and use dictation on my tablet when doing homework assignments or I am hard of hearing and use an app on my phone to control my hearing aids.)

* 5. YO! Disabled & Proud and Google will be hosting a YO! Tech Circle event this Fall. If you are invited to attend would you be willing to travel to the Ed Roberts Campus (in Berkeley) to demonstrate how the technology you use assists you as an individual with a disability?

Thank you for taking our YO! techie survey. Please feel free to pass it on to other youth with disabilities that would be interested in joining us. To learn about other YO! Disabled and Proud opportunities visit our website at,