The Awards Show….. for the IT Community

Actors have the Oscars, professional athletes have the ESPYs, but what about the talented IT professionals who make the world go! Modern society doesn’t move without technology, so why don’t we recognize the professionals who make IT Happen? This year at Connect IT we will be launching the first annual “Techie Awards”, the awards show for the IT Community.  We’re looking for outstanding achievements from 2018. Awards for both companies and individuals will be given in two categories, Managed Service Providers and IT Administration. Companies and individuals will be nominated via this survey process. Each award winner will receive $500.

You may skip awards that you do not wish to submit an entry for. Keep in mind that there are two specific categories, "MSP" and Internal IT Administration. Please fill only fill out the questions that apply to your specific use case. Thank you and good luck!

If you'd like to nominate more than one person for any award, you can come back and complete this nominations form as many times as you'd like.
Two Categories: MSP and IT Administration

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