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The eLC is limited to multi-media work that has an ACADEMIC and/or LEARNING purpose for Collin College credit faculty, staff and students. Any multi-media created by the eLC is owned by Collin College.

* 1. Person submitting this request:

* 2. What type of production do you need?

* 3. Event Date? And/Or start of Project:
The eLC asks for at least a 2 week lead time for project start up other than Whisper Room or Collaborative Space reservations.

Start Date:

* 4. If this will require multiple meetings and/or locations, please explain:

* 5. Please describe what you would like from eLC, what problem are you trying to solve (this does not have to include technical details).
Project / Activity high-level description

NOTE1: Securing the appropriate Broadcast/ Photo release form is the responsibility of the person/ department hosting the event, not the eLC.
NOTE2: For any audio or video work, it is the responsibility of the person/ department making the request to provide a script and/or to make sure that closed captioning is accurate. A script and/or closed captioning is an ADA requirement.

* 6. List all team members involved in this project:

* 7. What type of Instructional Technology assistance are you requesting?

* 8. If your project will include audio and/or video recordings:

  Yes No I don't know
Is it one time event?
Will you be providing a script?
Will you require and course or other online design?

* 9. Will you require post production assistance?