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Thank you for showing interest in our survey on “Teaching and Learning Online During Covid 19”. VentureVillage is an organisation that primarily focuses on children learning core skills covering the Economy, Sustainability, Working Life, Society and Entrepreneurship. Our learning modules, inspired from the Finnish Education System, are customised for the developing world.

As an organisation that emphasises the importance of activity based and game-based learning modules, we are very keen to understand how the recent shutdown of schools has impacted the content and quality of teaching and learning across the world. This survey is an effort to capture feedback from educators and parents on the changes that they have had to make in order to ensure that there is as minimal a disruption as possible in their child(ren)’s learning. Please spend 5 minutes on this survey and share your thoughts with us. 
Once you complete the survey, you will have a chance to download the "Weekly and Daily Planner for Children" to help your children or students plan their activities efficiently.


VentureVillage Team
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