* 1. What discipline is the student being assessed on?

* 2. Name of Student being assessed?

* 3. Grade of student being assessed?

* 4. School Location of student being assessed?

* 5. How many hours have you worked with the student being assessed?

The next six questions are to rate the student's GLOs in relation to the discipline being assessed. The balance of questions are to assess the Student's classroom skills. Select one of the rubrics as best you can.

* 6. GLO#1: Self-Directed Learner?

* 7. GLO#2: Community Contributor?

* 8. GLO#3: Complex Thinker?

* 9. GLO#4: Quality Producer?

* 10. GLO#5: Effective Communicator?

* 11. GLO#6: Effective and Ethical user of Technology?

* 12. Uses class time effectively?

* 13. Takes an active part in group/classroom discussions?

* 14. Shows respect for others by listening to their ideas/opinions?

* 15. Produces a variety of options in solving problems or making decisions?

* 16. Does accurate work; consistently strives to do the best work?

* 17. Recognizes quality and can evaluate own work and the work of others for quality?

* 18. Reads and understands various forms of written communication?

* 19. Expresses ideas clearly?

* 20. Uses a variety of technological tools to communicate an idea or produce a product?

* 21. Is prepared and ready for class?

* 22. This is not necessary but if you would like to comment on the Student being assessed, type comments below.
Thank you for your time in assessing this student for the S.T.E.P.S. program-