Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in The Character Connection Initiative's School & Beyond program (SAB). We look forward to partnering with you! Before filling out the application, please read the following:
  1. School Requirements:
    • Teachers and administrators must be willing and able to collaborate. Our expectation is that teachers will integrate The Character Connection Initiative’s (Character Connection) character language and concepts into additional curricula after working alongside our Instructor.
    • Schools must have at least one 7th and one 8th grade classroom (2 total classrooms) and no more than 4 total classrooms. If additional sections are requested, please note that in #8 in the application form, below.
    • A classroom teacher (“Partner Teacher”) must be present in each class.
    • All Partner Teachers are encouraged to attend Family Workshops, three times a year (a stipend will be provided for services).
    • Schools must arrange for Partner Teachers to attend one day of on-site professional development (PD) training.
    • Schools must acknowledge whether or not they wish to participate in an ongoing Fordham University academic study of Character Connection’s impact.
  2. Application – Submit a complete application containing the following:
    • Completed Application Form (see next page)
    • Assurance and Signatures of Principal and/or Administrator confirming the school’s interest in and agreement to meet the requirements of the program as listed above.
  3. Meeting – The Executive Director and/or Founding Program Director will meet with the Principal or Administrator to tour the school. Please indicate on your application the contact information for that person.
Thank you. Please contact me with any questions.

Sara Weeks, Executive Director, The Character Connection Initiative
Email: | Phone: 347-370-3010 | Fax: 347-402-1637