1. Alumni Relations Survey

The Office of Alumni Relations is constantly seeking ways to improve the events and resources we present to the TC alumni community. We have partnered with the Alumni Association’s Wants & Needs Committee to create a brief survey to gather your feedback. Please take a moment to complete the survey, so we may provide programming and resources that you find insightful and useful. Thank you for your time and candid input. For information about the latest alumni resources or a list of upcoming events, please visit www.tc.edu/alumni.

* 1. Please list your Department

* 2. Please list your Program

* 3. Please indicate the ways have you been involved or would like to be involved in the TC community as an alumna/us?

  Have been involved Would like to be involved
Attending Alumni programs and/or networking events in your local area
Attending Alumni programs and/or networking events at TC or in NYC
Attending lectures presented by TC faculty/administrators/alumni or activities, such as Academic Festival, book-talks, etc.
Serving on Alumni Association Committee / Alumni Council Member
Volunteering at TC programs and events
Volunteering for regional alumni clubs / international networks
Attending Department/Program events
Providing/Receiving career mentoring
Accessing Columbia Alumni programs & resources or attending CAA events
Attending professional development/continuing education workshops
Attending Admissions recruitment, i.e. referring prospective students
Contributing financially to the TC Annual Fund or your Department/program

* 4. What would motivate you to attend or participate in more TC alumni events? (Select all that apply)

* 5. If you have not participated in TC activities during last 5 years, please share why. (Select all that apply)

* 6. How do you currently learn about TC activities and alumni events? (Select all that apply)

* 7. What days of the week and times would you prefer to attend an alumni event? (Select all that apply)

* 8. Do you receive the monthly alumni electronic newsletter from the Office of Alumni Relations by email? (If No, and you would like to be added, contact tcalumni@tc.edu.)

* 9. Thinking about all of the communications you receive from Teachers College, do you receive too much information, too little information or the right amount of communications from TC?

* 10. If you had an option to choose how you received TC information and updates, would you prefer?

* 11. How much interest do you have in receiving information on each of the following topics?

  None at all Some A great deal
Faculty research updates
State of the College information, i.e. President’s address, College's financial standing, etc.
Updates on campus life, i.e. new academic programs
Department/Program News
TC in the News
Student achievements
Alumni achievements
Upcoming events

* 12. How many times a week would you say that you are on social networking sites such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

* 13. Did you know Teachers College, Columbia University Alumni has pages/groups on the following social networking sites? (Select all that apply)

* 14. Does TC's presence on the sites mentioned above meet your TC Alumni social networking needs?

* 15. What could TC do to strengthen your sense of connection to the University? Provide your comments in the box below.