We'll tell you online and in print in the spring when we'll be taking applications for the '15-'16 school year. Thanks for your interest. Any questions? Email

* Required

* 1. Full name

* 2. School you will attend in the fall

* 3. Grade you will be in 2014-2015 school year

* 4. Your email address

THIS IS IMPORTANT! We communicate primarily by email, so if you aren't committed to checking your email and are unable to respond within 24 hours, don't apply. SERIOUSLY! We sometimes have questions on deadline and we must be able to reach you, and the questions are often too complicated to text.
ALSO, you must have your OWN professional email address (not a friend's or parent's, and no cutesy name, because we won't know who's emailing us). Your address should include at least your last name.

* 5. Phone number where we can best reach you

* 6. This number is . . .

* 7. Check all tb-two* positions you are interested in (now or in the future)

* 8. Home address (include city and zip)

* 9. Emergency contact (full name, phone number and relation to you)

* 10. Do you have reliable transportation?
Note: Meetings, held once per month on Wednesday or Thursday at 4:30 p.m, are MANDATORY. If this time will not work for you, please do not apply, as we will be unable to accept you. If transportation is a problem for you, you should seriously rethink whether you can make the commitment of being on staff.

* 11. Staff meetings take place once a month on a Wednesday or Thursday, 4:30-6 p.m. (Week may vary; schedules are available at summer training session, more info below.) Can you make that?
List your extracurricular activities and days in the "other" box. If you know you will have football, lacrosse or rehearsal EVERY DAY at this time, we can't accept you on staff. Many coaches are understanding if you need to miss one practice a month, and you will be able to tell the coach what days your meetings are at the start of the season. You should consider tb-two* the same priority as these activities if you're serious about being on staff.

* 12. Which meeting location works best for you?
We meet in both St. Pete and Tampa, and will do our best to assign you to the location that is most convenient for you.

* 13. In approximately 300 words, tell us why you want to work for us, what you will bring to tb-two* and what you want to do. Please say more than "I am passionate about writing or photography." Show us, don't tell us. We want to learn something interesting about you, in detail.

* 14. Describe any relevant journalistic experience.
J1, newspaper, yearbook, software you are comfortable with, writing and photography ability, etc. NOTE: All staffers will be expected to interview people they've never met. Please let us know if you have experience with this type of reporting. Personal essays and columns are rare on our pages; reporting is the norm.


Writers: Please copy and paste two non-fiction writing samples here. No poetry or research papers, please. If you do not have any journalistic writing, a personal essay or non-fiction short story will do.

Photographers/videographers/multimedia folks: Please include links to your photo gallery or video samples. If your work is not available online, please send work to our staff email,, and include in the subject line: Application samples.

* 16. Please provide the name of a reference, including email and/or phone.
This should be a teacher or adult editor. No family members. Your best friend's mom doesn't really count, either.

* 17. REALLY IMPORTANT! Describe your ability to come up with and talk about story ideas. (Check all that apply.)

* 18. Submit a minimum of three story ideas you would like to see in an upcoming issue.
If accepted, you'll be expected to pitch lots of ideas (see previous question). In fact, bringing story ideas to monthly meetings is a requirement to be on staff, so if you are not comfortable with that, PLEASE DON'T APPLY! Make sure your ideas are focused; for example, "teen pregnancy" is a term-paper topic, "spend a day with a teen mom and write about how she copes" is a tb-two* story.

* 19. There will be a mandatory THREE-day training this summer, tentatively set for Aug. 6-8. We know people travel in the summer, but this is really important. If you are accepted and absolutely cannot be at the training, you are required to schedule an appointment with the editor to pick up your training materials, have your press pass photo taken, etc. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE MANDATORY TRAINING?

* 20. How committed are you to social media?
Staffers are required to promote their tb-two* work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help us drive traffic to our website, Check all that apply and list the websites you go to often to stay informed in the "other" box.

* 21. How committed are you to being a tb-two* ambassador at your school?

We deliver bundles of tb-two*s to your school on Thursdays but what happens to them after they are dropped off is up to you. Staffers are responsible for making sure tb-two*s are made available to students, which includes introducing yourself to your principal and the school's faculty/staff tb-two* liaison (we'll tell you who that is) and knowing the plan for distribution (there are many ways; you'll learn about them at training). We need you to help us get the word out to teachers that tb-two* is good for students to take home and read, even if the teachers aren't using them with their curriculum. No Thursday should go by without you laying your eyes on tb-two* at your school. Check all answers that apply to you.

* 22. What else should we know about you?
Feel free to include a resume, questions or logistical issues you're dealing with.