During the winter/spring Textbook Season (December through the first week of February), we provided textbook sellers with best practices and information for selling on Amazon. We want to know what communications and resources were helpful to you and what could be improved. Please take a moment to complete our survey.

* 1. Where did you go for information during winter/spring Textbook Season if you had a question about selling textbooks on Amazon? (Check all that apply.)

* 2. How many times did you consult the Amazon Seller Help pages during the winter/spring Textbook Season?

* 3. How many times did you contact Amazon Seller Support via email or phone during December 2010 through the first week of February?

* 4. If you contacted Amazon Seller Support during December 2010 through the first week of February, did you first try to find the answer to your question in the Seller Help pages?

* 5. Rate your overall satisfaction with the resources provided to help you sell during the winter/spring Textbook Season.

* 6. How useful were the following resources in helping you sell textbooks on Amazon?

  Very useful Useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Not at all useful Did not use this resource
Textbook Selling Tips Video
Textbook Selling Guide (PDF)
New Textbook Sellers FAQ
Textbook Season Best Practice Tips
Textbook Selling Blog
Textbook Selling Webinars

* 7. Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement.

  Strongly agree Agree Somewhat agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Did not use this resource
The Textbook Selling Webinars were an effective way for me to learn.
The Textbook Selling Blog was a useful resource.
The Textbook Season Tips posted on the Seller Account home page were informative.
The list of Top Selling Textbooks posted to the Seller Success Board in May helped me make decisions about which books to stock.
The Textbook Selling Tips Video was an effective way for me to learn.
The Seller Help pages specific to Textbook Selling were a helpful reference.

* 8. Length of time you have been selling on Amazon.com:

* 9. Are you an Individual Seller or a Pro Merchant subscriber?

* 10. Approximately how many textbooks did you sell in the months of December 2010 through the first week of February 2011?

* 11. What is the most useful advice you could give to a new seller about selling textbooks during Textbook Season?

* 12. How can Amazon Services help you most during Textbook Season?