Other industries have stated what they plan to do with any savings from the new tax law. The survey below will help ATA understand what our industry plans to do with any expected savings. All answers are strictly confidential and no individual data will be reported.

* 1. Type of Company

* 2. Are you a motor carrier or private carrier? (If no, skip to question 4)

* 3. Carrier Size (total number of power units, including owner-operators)

* 4. Do you expect an improved business environment in 2018 as a result of the new tax law?

* 5. Do you expect to save on your 2018 tax bill from the changes in the tax law?

* 6. If you answered Yes to Question 5, how do you plan to use the savings? Check all that apply.

* 7. If you are distributing a bonus, what is the average bonus per employee?

* 8. If you will invest in capital, please specify how. Check all that apply.