The Talent for Care - we've all got it

The Talent for Care is the national strategy for NHS staff in Bands 1-4 roles. As part of this strategy, Health Education England is consulting a range of people to hear their views on the best way to support the development of staff working in roles banded 1-4.

This questionnaire is open to everyone - we want to hear from YOU about what already exists, what the barriers to training and development are and to find examples of best practice that are happening across the country.

The questionnaire should take around 15 minutes to complete. Some questions give you options to choose or rank, and others are free text for your comments. If you feel that a question is not relevant to you, please feel free to leave it out and move on to the next question.

We really value your opinions, and look forward to reading what you have to say.

To read more about the Talent for Care strategy, and to see how else you can help inform our work, please visit our website: