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*Extended Call for Participation for MENA region applicants*
*Apply by 28 March 2019*


In May 2019, CSBRQorras will host Tajassodat: Conversations to Advance Trans Rights and Justice in Muslim Societies.

The strategic convening will be coordinated by a core team from Qorras, CSBR and activists from both regions. The meeting will use mixed methods, integrating structured discussions, participatory and arts-based methods, and open space facilitation on the three core themes of: (a) Personal embodiments, health & wellbeing; (b) Interactions with language, culture & histories; and (c) Legal human rights advocacy & Trans movement building.

Throughout the 5 days, we will aim to build a healing space & strengthen trans activists capacities and strategies to foster sustainable community-level change at home. In the first three days, collaborators will share personal experiences and contextual histories on trans organizing; map out common trends and obstacles across national contexts, as well as unique opportunities for advocacy; and document ways in which trans activists overcome, recreate, and reframe their struggles to build understanding & solidarity, from the level of the family and friends, to a wider community, and national advocacy. The final two days will be used as a creative space to synthesize reflections through visualizations of our various experiences on bodily autonomy, self-determination and community organizing. This will also serve as a space to explore networking & solidarity questions with allies, be it networks/collectives or organizations that are trans inclusive nationally or regionally.

About Qorras:  
Qorras is a group that aims to work on knowledge relating to the issues of gender and sexuality in the MENA region, while acknowledging that the work it does is mostly inspired and based in a more Levantine, Lebanese context. One of its initiatives is Tajassod, which focuses on bringing forward practical information for trans individuals and practical networking with allies and fellow activists, to try to have a healthier and safer future in our “homes”.  

About CSBR: CSBR is an international solidarity network of over 30 members organizations across 16 countries in MENA, SSEA and Central Asia. CSBR supports the integration of a holistic approach to sexual and bodily rights as human rights across Muslim societies, through feminist knowledge building, strategic convenings, and activist capacity building.

The Steering Committee Members: Iyan Hyadi (Palestine), Maya Zaman (Pakistan), Rebecca Nyuei (Indonesia), Satya Rai Nagpaul (India), Elisabeth Strandberg (Algeria/Sweden), Zakaria Nasser (Le