The National Sensory Impairment Partnership has been awarded a DfE contract to develop resources for children with sensory impairments. As part of the contract, the BSL coalition will lead objectives relating to the current and potential provision for children using sign language and BSL. One of the objectives is the identification of the training needs required to develop tactile signing, in collaboration with Sense.

Aims of the survey:

  • To audit the current skills and training of communication partners who use/would like to use tactile signing, including MSI professionals and family members
  • To establish the training needs for communication partners

This survey has been developed following focus group discussions with MSI professionals, family members and Deafblind people.

Tactile signing is a term used to encompass all levels of signing presented in the tactile modality. This would include variations of signing approaches from sign systems such as Makaton / Signalong to full language such as British Sign Language.

Please complete the survey before the end of December 2014.

If you require assistance or would like more information, please contact Sophie Morsley at or Heather Trott at