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Instructions: Please read the scope below and indicate your answers to each item in the questionnaire to the best of your personal knowledge and experience.  Select "not applicable" for any item that is beyond your knowledge or experience.

Scope: The equipment addressed in this questionnaire includes:
1. Hand-held cameras (examples: pole-mounted and videoscope)
2. Hand-deployed "throwable" cameras
3. Body-worn video camera
4. Robot-mounted camera
5. Portable (fixed) camera (example: perimeter cameras set up around an event scene)
6. Covert (fixed) camera (example: hidden camera mounted on utility pole for extended time)
7. Covert placement camera (example: portable under-door camera)

Items not being addressed within this questionnaire include in-car video systems, CCTV systems, interview room video systems, etc.

* 1. Indicate your primary function, while using cameras

* 2. Indicate your years of experience in the above role

* 3. Do you currently use any of the listed types of video cameras? Yes/No

* 4. If you indicated "No", are you planning to use any of them in the future? Yes/No