tTAp Technology Company Information

Dear Technology Company,
Thank you for registering for a tTAp workshop.   Would you please provide us with the following details that will provide us with a better understanding of your company, and your objectives.  
Thank you,

* 1. What is the name of your company?

* 3. What is your name, and position in the company?   If there are other key members of the team that we should be knowledgeable about, please include their names and titles as well.

* 5. What is the disease, patient care, or discovery area you are focusing on first?

* 6. So that we don't have conflict in the room - what type of scientific technology is core to your product?

* 7. What is your perceived next objective, or obstacle to overcome to accelerate your growth?

* 8. It is helpful to match catalysts to technologies if we have a sense of how you have funded your technology development to date.  If you have received any outside funding, grants, or have ongoing revenue, would you please describe source (generic please), amount and timing.

* 9. Please provide us the following contact information