Welcome to the Schizophrenia Commission

We are holding two events at Manchester on 21 February 2010 which will cover the themes of treatments and services. The venue is Central Manchester very near Piccadilly Rail Station. The address is: Barnes Wallis Restaurant, (Barnes Wallis Building), The University of Manchester, Altrincham Street, Manchester M1 7JR

Please complete the questions below to be entered into a ballot for tickets to this event.

We will also be holding four further events on the following dates both in London:

- 21 March covering experiences of specific groups (people in criminal justice system, people with dual diagnosis, young people and service transitions, BME communities)

- 1 May covering what needs to change to improve outcomes for schizophrenia and psychosis

You can also register interest in applying for free tickets to these other events now using our survey - or wait until we have further details.

Thank you so much for your interest in the work of the Schizophrenia Commission. Please do also tell us of your own experiences by completing our evidence giving survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/szcomm