Thanks in advance for completing our annual security survey! It is 20 multiple choice questions and should take about 5 minutes to complete! We plan to share the results when we reach sufficient responses so we can all see the actions our customers and community are taking to best manage security and risk.
We will also enter you into a contest to win a $200 gift card! Again, thanks!!

* 1. About you

* 2. Please select your organization category

* 3. What is your role?

* 4. How Many Employees Are in Your Organization?

* 6. Does your organization have an incident response plan should a breach occur? (heath care clients must have one for HIPAA requirements)

* 7. Does your organization have a well communicated, structured business continuity plan? (eg; natural disaster, construction breakage, outage, storm, fire, flood)

* 8. Please select the following security policies and procedures your organization currently has in place.

* 9. If your organization has had a "known" breach in the past 36 months, what was the nature of that breach? (if you have had more than one, what was the most damaging breach)

* 10. If your organization experienced an internal security breach, what was the cause?

* 11. How would you rate your confidence in your organization security controls?

* 12. What concerns do you have if a damaging account breach were to occur in your organization? (please select all that apply)

* 13. What steps does your organization plan to take this year to help reduce the risk of a breach?

* 14. What areas related to employee security awareness could your organization improve upon?

* 15. What do you perceive to be the single biggest security threat your organization will face this year?

* 16. Can you estimate the cost of one hour of downtime of a critical business system in your organization? (hint: in 2015, one minute of data center downtime across industries was about $8,000 or $480,000/hour)

* 17. How would you rate your confidence in your organizations maintenance of existing security systems? (i.e. OS patches, router and firewall configurations, antivirus, etc.)

* 18. What is your organization’s top information security priority for 2016?

* 19. Which of the following technologies does your organization plan to implement in the next year?

* 20. Has a network security assessment ever been performed in your organization to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of information security controls? (including HIPAA and PCI compliance)

* 21. Would you like an immediate call from Synetra on setting up an assessment, Security as a Service, back-up or disaster recovery best practices? (note: security survey report will still be forwarded, if requested)